Shakespeare's Mad Women:

A Love Letter to Shakespearean F**kboys 

Written & Directed by Lady Garden's Artistic Director - Abigail Smith

Cast Include: 

Holly Cuffley as LM / Lady Macbeth 

Gabrielle Pausey as O / Ophelia

Gala Wesson as J / Juliet 

Juliet is about to kill herself.


All Lady Macbeth and Ophelia can do is watch and wait for her to arrive. The three women reside alone in a forgotten wasteland which abides by no rhyme or reason; their only knowledge that they all got there by the same route.


Together they play cards, drink moonshine from teacups, and piece together the remnants of their pasts to find out: exactly why have they all been put there? Is there a way out? And exactly why was Hamlet so obsessed with himself that he failed to notice anyone else around him was more than one dimensional?


Lady Garden Theatre Company are proud to announce their debut production, 'Shakespeare's Mad Women'.Written by co-founder and director Abigail Smith, and devised by the all female company, this witty black comedy explores the 'what if' behind three of Shakespeare's most famous female characters, and why artists so easily reduce female characters to no more than 'mad women'.

"such a brilliantly simple concept, you can’t help but wonder why it’s not been done before"

- There Ought to be Clowns



"An intense and enjoyable production"-

London Theatre1


"Unlike Stoppard's characters, they have plenty to discuss" -

A Younger Theatre​



"darkly hilarious"

- The Spy in the Stalls

2021 trailer

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Past Performances:

  • Sweet Werks 2 @
    Brighton Fringe:
    5/6th May 2018

  • Theatre N16, London:
    11th - 13th June 2018

  • Upper Thames
    Sailing Club, Berks:
    14th September 2018

  • Burton Taylor Studio @ The Oxford Playhouse: 20th September 2018