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Shakespeare's Mad Women is back!

Shakespeare's Mad Women, written & directed by Lady Garden's Artistic Director, Abigail Smith is making a fierce return in 2021! 

Devised by the all female company, this witty dark comedy has been through many transformations, leading to the Mad Women first being let loose to cause some chaos in 2018. 

Following a successful stream of performances throughout 2018, Lady Garden Theatre Company are bringing Shakespeare's Mad Women back for 2021, with a bold and fresh take on the 'what if' behind three of Shakespeare's most famous female characters, and why artists so easily reduce female characters to no more than 'mad women'.

If you missed the first glimpses of these powerhouse female characters then do not fret! They're coming back fiercer, cheekier and with more gumption than you could imagine! 

Cast Includes: 

Holly Cuffley as LM / Lady Macbeth 

Gabrielle Pausey / Megan Noakes as O / Ophelia

Gala Wesson as J / Juliet 



Lion & Unicorn Theatre - Tues 19th - Sat 23rd October 2021